Jaime Kriksciun


As long as Jaime Kriksciun has been a practicing artist, her interest has been in the artistic interpretation of her surroundings in an attempt to better understand them. In particular, nature has been a huge source of curiosity and investigation. Using a variety of media – including, but not exclusively, glass, paper, paint and yarn – she is presenting audiences with a visual stimulus, intending that it will evoke a sense of wonder about the topic at hand. Sometimes, Jaime will treat the subject in a manner not characteristic of the actual inspiration, i.e. making an object larger than life or zooming in on a detail of the subject, or using unnatural coloration. The point is to question what we’re really looking at, what its function has become in our modern world and what it symbolizes to the viewer and the greater audience.  Her work was selected for Arts Interstice’s 2013 exhibition Navigating Complexity, referenced in this business article.

Giada Crispiels 


Giada Crispiels is a professional artist based in Italy and the US.  She is a specialist in site-specific installations. Current projects include Urban Shadows of Nature and a treehouse gazebo on view at Governor’s Island, New York.  Her workshop Doodling For Power prepares teams for hyperproductive collaborations.  It can be done remotely or as an in-person event. Book it for your next team meeting or professional development day and get everyone on the same page.

group drawing1

Dr. Ivan Tirado

Ivan head

An internationally known sculptor, gifted facilitator and expert in social cognitive theory, Ivan offers guided sculpture events during which participants get to make and take home an original piece of figurative art.  Small Business USA calls it “a truly unique networking experience.”  Example here.  Ivan and Elinor Slomba spoke together on Creative Chat Cafe on the topic: Using Arts & Culture in the Entrepreneurial World to Optimize Business Endeavors.  In addition to parties and workshops, Ivan may be booked for presentations on topics like: Sculpt Your Brain – the neuroscience of creativity, and Disconnect to Connect – how taking a step back moves us forward.

Ivan follow what you love

William Krebs, aka “Agile Bill” has created the Agile Leader Hall, a virtual home in Sococo for agilists who like to bridge distance and make surprising connections.  He designs spaces there, such as Artful Agilists.

Bill & Doc

Annie Sailer is a choreographer and painter who leads a workshop called Improv Movement for Business Agility.  Yale, big manufacturing, start-ups and artists have benefited from this work.  She also uses her spatial intelligence to help organizations make sure that their design, physical layout and facilities support collaboration.


These and more supercool geniuses are available to work with through Arts Interstices!