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“Beyond quality, there is artfulness.  I’ll meet you there.”



CT Entrepreneur Awards Honorable Mention


Elinor Slomba combines 20 years’ fundraising and management experience with training in ethnographic research methods and Agile project management frameworks.  Her purpose is to connect great ideas with the resources to support them.  She helps organizations and creative entrepreneurs in the arts and start-up worlds talk to each other more easily, use each other’s models and build value across domains.  

Elinor is based in New Haven, Connecticut.

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“Art and projects like yours that bring it closer to our lives and work, are what we really need today, in life and in business, instead of yet another buzzword in hype about the next silver bullet for innovation. You surf complexity while so many others talk!”  – Stelio Verzera, Cocoon Projects, Rome, Italy

“I reached out to Elinor to discuss the importance of discourse for distributed agile teams and she pointed me to a her distributed culture self-inventory that teams can use to remind themselves to step back from tooling and inspect/adapt communications structures to support agile cultures. At Retrium, we couldn’t agree more!” – David Horowitz

“A short blurb that she crafted for us unlocked valuable resources.” – Project Owner Dojo, Zurich Switzerland, October 2014

“Adaptive, organized, erudite, engaging, and prolific, Elinor Slomba offers insightful counsel for modern practices that capture value within increasingly competitive business landscapes.” – The Informatics Applications Group, Washington, DC

“I very much enjoyed working with and learning from Elinor and consider it to have been a very good investment in our organization’s future.” – Sheldon Oak Central, Inc.  – a nonprofit housing development corporation in Hartford, Connecticut

“I have found your work to be of great help to me, as President, and am very grateful for your insights.”  – Jill Lloyd, After School Arts Program

“Elinor was a wonderful host. In 30 minutes I was able to get up, get moving, and learn more about Scrum in a way that just felt fun.” – Independent Software staff

“I’m currently a developer and trying to help my company get started with Scrum. I was really glad my boss was able to come to the exercise; I think it helped him get the ‘feel’ of it. – New Haven IO Meetup Organizer

“It feels good to have the tools to guide this process and successfully arrive at an understanding of working towards a common goal. Many thanks for your help.” – JoAnne Torti, Executive Director, After School Arts Program