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Must interrupt regularly scheduled TGIF interview about the recent nonprofit development sprint to bring you the following, just published by Mind Edge, learning in innovation (based in Waltham, Mass).

Cheers, and make sure your weekend ROCKS!

Agile New England  is hosting an annual conference called Agile Games in Boston April 19-21, 2012.  One of the main speakers will discuss how the software industry needs to function more like theater, planning its product line-ups and releases more in sync with its “audience” tastes and capacity for engagement!

This is an exciting moment, when the start-up business world is looking at the arts world to borrow ideas and refine its practices.   In looking to transform the world of work,  Agile proponents understand that being people-centric makes exceptionally good business sense.  Deep symbiosis between the maker of a product and its user will create better “fit,” better value and, it is hoped, a better world!

Please stay tuned for updates on my plans to cover the Agile Games for the arts community.   It should be a rich conversation, and I hope you will be inspired to be a part of it.

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