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MPT-FBThe Arts and Business Council of Greater Boston is one of the nation’s premiere organizations to formally build an alliance between the arts and start-up worlds.

The schedule for their upcoming MPT workshop series – now in its second year – has just been announced!

The Musician’s Professional Toolbox (MPT) empowers musicians of all genres with the entrepreneurial skills they need to master the business challenges of being an artist. This program takes career musicians (limited to 35 participants) through a series of engaging workshops that further their capacity to think and operate like creative entrepreneurs. Now in its second year, the Musician’s Professional Toolbox program includes 10+ workshops over 9 weeks, presented by 8 outstanding instructors, each a renowned expert in their field. Musicians will leave the program with a business/marketing plan, improved materials, sharp insights into financial management and fundraising, tips and tools of the trade, the support of fellow musicians, and new industry contacts.

Workshops include “Musican as Entrepreneur,”  “Social Media Marketing,” “Grantwriting & Fundraising,” “Successful Contract Negotiation,” and more.  Partial scholarships and payment plans are available.  The contact for this program is D’Lynne Plummer, Director of Professional Development.

More information is available at

Speed networking is a good model to adapt when the goal is to construct any live, two-sided social platform.  It provides both sets of users with a chance to quickly discover what lies between the axes of choice and chance.

Art Space in New Haven is conducting a speed networking event for artists and curators on Sunday, September 30th.  I will be participating as one of the curators.

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