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Speed networking is a good model to adapt when the goal is to construct any live, two-sided social platform.  It provides both sets of users with a chance to quickly discover what lies between the axes of choice and chance.

Art Space in New Haven is conducting a speed networking event for artists and curators on Sunday, September 30th.  I will be participating as one of the curators.

Instructions Not Included: Tinker, Hack, Tweak will take an unexpected look at readymade culture and the objects with which we surround ourselves November 9, 2012 – January 17, 2013 at Artspace in  New Haven.  Meanwhile, in the spirit of the show,  I am organizing a meet-up for industrial designers, engineers and product developers to explore and respond to the work  – and perhaps other exhibits/performances  in the future – as a specially-informed audience.

At Artspace, artists/makers from Connecticut and the surrounding region are invited to submit proposals for consideration through August 30, 2012.{FB9554BB-D036-4ABD-ADC6-A31F144EC35E}

At Artsinterstices, industrial designers, engineers and product developers interested in developing a collaborative, contextual response to the selected artists’ viewpoints should contact me at   The group will convene November to see and discuss the work as it opens.  We will explore and respond to the concepts on this blog in the New Year.  This is an experimental approach to curating audiences from outside the arts who have specialized knowledge and informed insights to share,  for purposes of mutual enrichment and alliance-building among creative enterprises.  An app, if you will, with the exhibit as platform.

I am excited to see what happens next when we put interesting minds together in the space between art and business! – EBS

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