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Must interrupt regularly scheduled TGIF interview about the recent nonprofit development sprint to bring you the following, just published by Mind Edge, learning in innovation (based in Waltham, Mass).

Cheers, and make sure your weekend ROCKS!

I was introduced to this project at the Agile Games.    Thirty minutes later, I was speaking whole sentences and engaging in Q&A with other group members in Gaelic, the language of my ancestors from the coast of Galway Bay.    INCREDIBLE!!

The more languages we learn, the better to communicate with one another and keep up our respective corners of the noosphere – the combined knowledge we all hold on this planet.

More information also available on the Agile Games website:

Takeaway from Day One of Agile Games at the Microsoft Center in Cambridge: for every problem to solve, there is a game to play.

Keynote speaker Michael Sahota addressed the power of play to unlock learning potential, boost motivation, and create a safe space for risk-taking where true transformation can take place, enabling lasting positive change.

So…LEGOs in the Board room?  Believe it or not – YES!  And Nerf Guns for the teams…and this is just the tip of an unbelievably enjoyable, self-organizing iceberg.

Play is an opt-in activity.  Unlike most other species, humans possess the ability/inclination to play throughout life, a neotenous characteristic.   The opposite of play is not work, it’s depression.  Work that is so satisfying that it invites deeper levels of engagement becomes a space  of play.  This is also a space of learning and flow. is a site where you can find appropriate games.   Invite thought workers into this idea of work as play and you will get powerful results.

Artists and arts organizations – let’s gather some corresponding examples!  Games that invite deeper involvement with subject matter or with others…integration of play into processes for getting things done…Please email me at

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