Takeaway from Day One of Agile Games at the Microsoft Center in Cambridge: for every problem to solve, there is a game to play.

Keynote speaker Michael Sahota addressed the power of play to unlock learning potential, boost motivation, and create a safe space for risk-taking where true transformation can take place, enabling lasting positive change.

So…LEGOs in the Board room?  Believe it or not – YES!  And Nerf Guns for the teams…and this is just the tip of an unbelievably enjoyable, self-organizing iceberg.

Play is an opt-in activity.  Unlike most other species, humans possess the ability/inclination to play throughout life, a neotenous characteristic.   The opposite of play is not work, it’s depression.  Work that is so satisfying that it invites deeper levels of engagement becomes a space  of play.  This is also a space of learning and flow.

Tastycupcakes.org is a site where you can find appropriate games.   Invite thought workers into this idea of work as play and you will get powerful results.

Artists and arts organizations – let’s gather some corresponding examples!  Games that invite deeper involvement with subject matter or with others…integration of play into processes for getting things done…Please email me at artsinterstices@gmail.com.