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What’s in the mix for making things flow between people?  Enthusiasm, Curiosity and Desire!  Active, receptive and responsive in kind, these three interpersonal strategies reinforce one another and build lateral engagement in communities.


Enthusiasm means putting it out there.  Let people see your passions and be happy to see theirs.

Curiosity is the moment when you or I decide to cross the threshold that separates us with a blank and an invitation.  Only an open mind can be receptive to new ideas and grow.

Desire is the spark that encourages people to connect.  It means expressing the notion that there are many good things in the space between us just waiting to be discovered.

When in doubt…

  • TRY enthusiasm.  “I like….”
  • TRY curiosity, “I wonder…”
  • TRY desire. “I wish…”

For best results, try all three!


I developed this three-part recipe for Wetting the Cement after some intentional experiments with the ingredients during Summer 2013.   Two sets of results were validating.

1. Getting  invited to become more and more involved with the Stoos movement and organizing Stoos in Action  The core Agile team of organizers was based in Denmark. Fifteen satellites across four continents responded to our invitation to participate.  The “action” was a 6-hour virtual conference dedicated to improving the world of work.

2.  Submitting the idea for a Guinness-approved world record attempt for Largest Chalk Pavement Art to the Awesome Foundation.  Positive community response mobilized over 1,000 individuals, 18 community groups, eight city agencies and a unanimously supportive City Council.  The current world record holder embraced us, not as challengers but as successors.  The Agile community is now interested in the use of scrum to make public art.

In both cases, the individuals could not have predicted what finally occurred.  Enthusiasm, curiosity and desire magnified in an organic way to global scale.

Find out what happens with YOUR special blend in the mix.   Share enthusiasm, curiosity and desire to connect.  I am always happy to hear from you!


Deborah Hartmann Preuss A Bigger Game

Akshay Kathari “I Like, I Wish, I Wonder, a framework for providing constructive feedback”

Andrew Bangser, Awesome Foundation, Connecticut Chapter: “What Would You Do With $1000?”

Mark Wagner, Drawing on Earth

CityWide Open Studios (pictured)

Enthusiasm is a key to our humanity.   It is a fueling concept for the distinctiveness of the human mind, the patterning of each individual and the diversity of cultures within civilization.   Human beings attach and stay together in groups, from families to cities, based on what we care about.   We require one another to express energy and ideas.   Collectively, our vitality and authenticity can be demonstrated by the pulse of our enthusiasms.

We need stories to help find each other.  In the process of telling stories that make us care in common, we experience belonging.  We come to belong to our enthusiasms – and through them we understand ourselves in context.

My training is in cultural anthropology and urban studies.   My creative background is in visual arts, performing arts and creative writing.  My professional interest lies in the various ways stories are used to help build and sustain culture.  Lifting up against forces of entropy and indifference, storycraft keeps people afloat in the deliciousness of getting to know what it is they care about, and with whom they can delight in the particular enthusiasms that nourish creative people and cultures of choice.

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