David Kord Murray – author of Plan B and Borrowing Brilliance, leading strategist in the area of creative thinking and consultant to companies in Connecticut and around the globe – made time to speak to ArtsInterstices in a recent phone interview from the slopes near Tahoe.

The conversation will be broken down into a series of posts to be released every Friday March 30 –April 27, 2012.

  • the myth of total originality
  • why true creativity rests on recombining things that already exist
  • the problem with most brainstorming meetings
  • exercises and tips to enhance creative thinking as an individual and part of a team
  • what’s in the author’s creative pipeline

This five-part article will inaugurate the blog’s weekly “TGIF” posts covering creative topics, trends and business concepts for you to enjoy and think about over the weekend.   Look for the first one next Friday!