Ahem…nervous throat clearing!

On the occasion of my 30th post, it seems only appropriate to be vulnerable enough to share an excerpt of my own creative writing.  It’s from a prose poem called “The Great Unwelcoming,” part of a collection titled The Heart is a Public Place.


“Meanwhile, you and I suck air in a brief space where hope is short but bristling with questions.

It is not accurate to say we are done in, nor is it honest to claim we are done for.

At this moment pages still occur and turn.

At this moment also, and this one keep breathing it.

Praise any fragmentary beauty and allow yourself to be undone with contentment.  Swoon at a single form in your surroundings; it will lead you toward a swift, certain clamor of inspirations.

Stand by what you have fallen in love with and contest it.

Be ravished by its possibilities.

Adventurers, pilgrims, lovers, charioteers: rally!

If you must rally an inch, rally one inch.

You will have achieved measurable resistance to the great unwelcoming.

Raise your banners high, reveal yourselves and be of good cheer.”