On Fridays, ArtBux releases a choice bit of thought-exchange among writers and luminaries.   This is the final installment of an interview with David Kord Murray, author of Plan B and Borrowing Brilliance.   We wrapped up by discussing his next book, a work of fiction still in-progress.  

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AB: What is in your creative pipeline that you might care to share with us?

DKM:  I’m actually writing a novel.  The title is “The Fourth Deception.”  It’s a story about lying.  The impetus for the story is the celebrity tale of Ann Hathaway.  She was an A-list actress engaged to a guy who was Italian playboy but turned out to be a complete fraud.  He was not at all who he presented himself to be, and he was successful at it.   To me this was intriguing.  I wondered “what would that be like?  What if you suddenly found out your lover or your best friend was duping you about the very nature of who they are?  And if you really wanted to dupe someone, what lengths would your mind have to go to?”

So the first deception is when someone lies to you.  The second deception is when you deceive someone else.  The third deception is when you deceive yourself.  And the fourth deception is when you deceive yourself in order to deceive someone else.

Scientists now believe our subconscious was created by the evolution of our ancient ancestors so that we could better deceive each other.  The theory is that conscious knowledge of deception will leak out somehow physically, whether through big facial twitches or micro-expressions, or something you can detect on a polygraph.  But if the subconscious fools you into thinking that you’re telling the truth…

Of course, there can be a positive side to it too.  One of the characters in the book is learning to control and channel her subconscious thoughts, and this makes her powerful, full of self-control and determination.