Anyone who has ever sat on a nonprofit Board is familiar with the old joke about the camel…it’s a horse made by a committee.   Decision-making in groups is often fraught with difficulties resulting from politics, personalities and differing communication styles.

Tom Seeley, a bee scientist, has uncovered the main key to how the hive makes good decisions: ENTHUSIASM!  His article in Smithsonian Magazine explains the behavior of female “scout bees” seeking out new sites when a wild hive has grown to the point where it needs to move.


“A scout coming back from an ideal cavity will dance with passion…An enthusiastic scout will inspire more bees to go check out her site. ”  The dance continues until a tipping point of bees has been swayed in a particular direction.  Unanimity is not required, nor even a majority.   Simply a “buzz” great enough to gain attention…sounds like the arts!


The second principle in smart decisions for collectives revealed by bees is flexibility.


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Pictured: Choreographer Annie Sailer and Dancers

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