We live in a visual culture.

Various forces continually assert their opinions and influence on what we should look at. What WE choose to look at matters.  When we develop our choices with intention we strengthen the act of seeing as a form of leadership.

When we make visual connections and create sets of visual relationships that express what matters to us, we make more available:

  • our curiosity
  • our enthusiasm and
  • our desire to discover more about others and the world we share

This process fulfills the very highest levels of human aspiration and deepest motivation:

  • Cognitive Needs
  • Aesthetic Needs
  • Self-Actualization
  • Transcendence

People from any professional background – inside, close to or far from the arts world – can strengthen their ability to tell stories visually and lead others in meaningful experiences by practicing what goes into curating an art exhibition.

The process of defining and exploring the aesthetics, point of view and context of an exhibition builds associative thinking skills. At the same time, managing an installation against a set timeline is a linear project. The world’s top business leaders agree that innovation springs from the right balance of both linear and associative thinking.

Curators have the ability to make surprising connections in ways that help, please and delight others. In the process, we strengthen relationships and gain new insight. By honing your vision, you can make what matters to you available to others with confidence, courage and a compelling voice.

[Arts Interstices will again be offering the three-part series “Open Your Curatorial Eye” on July 7, July 14 and July 18 at The Grove, 760 Chapel St in New Haven, CT.  Training for the three part series covers Aesthetics, Point of View and Technique, including the curator’s role after an exhibition is open and managing controversy.  If you want to sign up and can make 2 out of the 3 sessions but have a conflict we can work it out.

Pricing is discounted for Grove members and artists/curators with an existing exhibition record.  The pricing for non-Members and others is $250 to take the class and $400 to develop your exhibition for a 6-8-week spot on The Grove Gallery calendar. It is possible to arrange a payment plan or barter professional services.

This training can also be offered virtually.  Register or inquire by emailing artsinsterstices [at] gmail [dot] com.


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