Joy Wulke is an environmental artist who founded Projects for a New Millennium,



The organization is about “creating collaborative events that foster the fusing of art and science as a means of discovery and appreciation of the natural world.”

Wulke’s work is now part of the nightscape of the train station in Stamford, Connecticut.  According to The New York Times, “The new look, different from one second to the next, was achieved for only $155,000 — less than the cost of a paint job.”

The project, funded  with state money awarded on a competitive basis, demonstrates a national trend toward “creative placemaking,” an attempt to make places more vibrant through artist-led projects.  The winning team, led by Norwalk-based painter and sculptor Sandy Garnett, included Jamie Burnett and Steve Hamelin as lighting specialists and advisers.  It was Jamie who coined the term “light wrangler,” which Wulke defines as an artist who responds to the character of light as a partner in creation.

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