This August I’m taking my two boys cross-country, stopping at organizations along the way to share and discuss Agile practices.   In our family, having a blast is never mutually exclusive with getting things done.   Quite the contrary!

Departing from New Haven on July 25, cities along our proposed route include: Portland, ME; Montreal; Ottowa; Minnesota/St. Paul; Helena, MN; Seattle; Portland, OR; San Francisco; Salt Lake City; Boulder; Kansas City; Chicago; Detroit; Buffalo/Toronto; and Saratoga Springs.

Please let me know of a manager I should look up,  or if you’d like to discuss materials to include on the memory sticks.  Linked In is the best way to get in touch.

Let’s see what grows from this rapid velocity, face-to-face exchange.   As our pediatrician once remarked, sometimes things are just so old school they’re innovative!