Worldwide, organizational culture is on the move.


New orders are emerging that are better suited to our complex era than those that came to the forefront during the Industrial Revolution.  There is so much on this topic to observe and examine, I have invited colleagues to participate in a trans-Agile metaspace to explore these shifting paradigms.

  • March 22 we will discuss cell-like work structures, including this awesome material from the Betacodex Network:
  • May 10 the focus will be on sociocracy as a workable and equitable governance structure in practice at Green Haven and Agile Boston.

The group is based out of The Grove in downtown New Haven,  a thriving cowork space and one of four designated Innovation Hubs active in the State of Connecticut (  Inspired by the Stoos Network (, our first meeting was held on World Stoos Day, Jan 25, 2012.  It may evolve into a Stoos Satellite or remain a platform that is broader than one particular movement or model.  I am curious to experience how the principle of self-organization animates and propels our discussions.

Meanwhile, here’s to the beauty of spontaneous order!